Optimum Body Immunity? Healthy Sleep is the answer! - A recent research in Netherlands just proved that what our parents told us about the importance of good rest and sleep to promote good health is actually true.

Imagine when you arrive at home after working in the office for eight, stressful hours and had to face 2 hours of horrific traffic jam on your way home, and how you would feel after that, dreadfully tired. This is similar with how our body immunity system works when we experience chronic sleep disorder.


In a research published in 2012 SLEEP journal, 15 subjects, all healthy men, had their blood cells examined in a condition of adequate sleep and sleep deprivation. In the first week of examination, the blood sample was taken by noon in the condition of adequate sleep which is 8 hours per night. On the next examination, the blood sample was taken after all subjects are awake for 29 hours. Afterwards all samples obtained are observed.

Researchers found that the biggest change occurs on the blood granulocytes cells. Granulocytes is the immunity cells which is responsible to fight off bacterial infection. A person with low level of granulocytes tends to be prone of infections.  Compared to other blood cells, granulocyte numbers is significantly affected by sleep loss.

As a result, researchers’ recommendation to the professional groups with sleep deprivation risk such as doctors, security guards, or any other occupation which require night shift is to increase their awareness on their state of health. Arranging all activity schedules and sleep are necessary, not to mention the sunlight exposure since our biological rythms is very sensitive to lights.

Unfortunately, our 24-hour modern lifestyle has given us excuses to deprive sleep in the name of work productivity. It’s time to rethink our life priorities.

The importance of role of sleep has been discussed for too many times. Sleep deprivation has also been known as to increase the risk of diabetes and also cardiovascular diseases. Now we also know that in order to improve our daily health, it takes more than vitamin supplements in order to increase our immunity system, since it all will mean nothing without a good, healthy sleep.


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