King Koil and ICA partnership

  1. The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and King Koil Sleep System have undertaken a major new public education program, focused on the wide range of serious issues related to the importance of healthy sleep and the seriousness of sleep problems. This rapidly growing public health concern is afflicting people of all ages worldwide and requires new, serious attention both from health care professionals and individual consumers, especially parents. 
  2. The ICA and King Koil have a long history of combining resources and talent to develop innovative advancements in sleep systems and breakthrough marketing with target populations.
  3. The ICA has been involved in a very successful partnership with King Koil Licensees. 
  4. ICA’s resource of researchers, educators and practitioners provide support, insight and developmental input ICA works closely with King Koil in Research Design Engineering Education and Marketing.

The ICA and King Koil have successfully partnered for more than four decades

We at the ICA and our partners at King Koil share a  profound commitment to healthy sleep and a desire to better educate consumers on how to be proactive and effective in addressing sleep challenges. 

ICA’s Commitment to Healthy Sleep:

  • Leading research scientists and educators on the human spine and posture. 
  • Combined expertise and experience of more than 50 years in mattress design and engineering. 
  • Resources to provide design and engineering services for sleep system improvements and advancing future innovations and developments. 
  • Development of educational and marketing materials Tools, resources and partnership with Doctors of Chiropractic in local communities around the world.

For over a century, King Koil have concentrated on making the most comfortable, highest quality, affordable mattresses and foundations. We use the finest materials, including virgin latex, viscoelastic memory foam, variable density coils, and imported ticking to give you what you most deserve - a restful night's sleep.


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