King Koil strives to make only the finest quality sleep products. However, to ensure maximum comfort and durability for your mattress we have provided some care tips as follows :





1. Rotate mattress periodically

Rotate your mattress for every two weeks for the first three months. There after, rotate the mattress for every sixty days as needed. This will help equalize the compaction of the upholstery materials, and to ensure maximum life and comfort. The materials used in this mattress are designer to conform your body and therefore body impression is not considered as a structural defect.


Routine Bedding Care


2. Routine bedding care

Use a quilted protector pad on your mattress at all times to avoid stains. Brush, vacuum, and air the mattress regularly.


Chose a Good Foundation

3. Choose a good foundation

Do use firm, supportive foundation. An old foundation unit or inappropriate bed frame, may not provide sufficient support and gradually the mattress will sag. For all mattresses, do use bed frame that supports head, foot and sides as well as bedframe with solid base. The King Koil box spring base is recommended to match your King Koil mattress.


Never Fold or Stand On It

4. Never fold or stand on it 

Folding, bending, standing or even jumping on the mattresses, exert excessive strain on the component parts and can seriously damage the mattress and foundation.


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