1. Make sure you have a valid King Koil Warranty Card.
  2. Provide proof of purchase (include date of purchased) and be the original purchasing consumer.
  3. Contact King Koil Customer Service at +62-21-557 60 595 and explain your complaint.
  4. King Koil Customer Service will explain about the provision of services, and then make appointment to you for the schedule of survey.
  5. On the day of inspection, the officer will show you an Assignment Letter. Then checking the validity of your warranty card, analyzes the condition of the item, explaining the cause of the damage and the possibility of repair as follows:

      - Condition of items that need minor repairs, can be directly done on the spot (free of charge)
      - Inner springs damage due to abnormal usage is not covered.

  6. If your King Koil mattress needs to be repaired in the factory, as the owner you must sign the Return of Goods letter.


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