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King Koil latex Embrace is made using the Talalay technology and processed with a certain formula that has the properties of blending latex and memory foam / Visco and having an open cell structure in order to keep air circulating move smoothly.

King Koil Embrace characteristics:

1. Pressure Relief

King Koil Embrace is sensitive to body temperature. When you lie on a King Koil Embrace it will provide a wider contact surface so that the weight can be distributed optimally and give effect of Pressure Relief (does not cause excessive pressure) 


When you lie down on a King Koil Embrace® , it produces a wider contact surface so that body weight can be distributed optimally and gives Pressure Relief effect.
(it does not cause excessive body pressures)







2. Hygienic & Breathable

King Koil Embrace is processed using the innovative Talalay Technology which has the character of:

  • Open cells
  • Smooth air circulation
  • Breatheability of the mattress 
  • Prevent bacteria and fungi proliferate
  • Hygienic


King Koil Embracevs Memory Foam

Memory Foam
        Not elastic (sink)
        Close Cell

King Koil Embrace
        Elastic (comfort)
        Open Cell – Breathable

How King Koil Embrace works

King Koil Embrace  combines the feel of latex and viscoelastic which conforms to your body contour without making you feel like you’re about to sink.
King Koil Embrace relieves any pressure points on your body, and will make you comfortable and also provide you with true seclusion.
King Koil Embrace  becomes softer in warm temperature (>20°C), and firmer in cold temperature (< 15°).

During sleep, King Koil Embrace will absorb the body temperature and provides a softer material that can conform to the body contour, thus distribute the weight of our body to the whole surface of the mattress, and therefore will relieve the body from any pressure points.

King Koil Embrace has an open cell structure which allows optimal air ventilation which will keep King Koil Embrace hygienic.


King Koil Embrace Physics Characteristics

Below the temperature of Glass Transition (Tg), King Koil Embrace tends to be firm and hard.
Above the temperature of Tg, the polymer chain will turn to a softer direction.
As for Talalay latex, the normal temperature is below 0°C ,while King Koil Embrace  has a temperature of 20°C (room temperature).
This is possible by changing the range of its molecule chains.

Glass Transition Temperature

  1. On low temperature, all polymer substances will become firm and glassy.
  2. When heated, polymer substance will become softer since there is a transition from glass to rubber.
  3. The glass transition temperature (Tg) is the temperature where changes occur between the rubbery characteristic and glassy characteristic.
  4. Tg is the most important component among other polymer substances. Even after a synthetic process of a polymer is done, Tg is one of the first components that can be measured. The following are the physical components which undergo extreme changes on Tg temperature :
    • Firmness
    • Volume
    • Young’s Module
    • The percent elongation before it breaks
Production Process of King Koil Embrace

The material composition is mixed with O2,  and then it will be poured into a mold. Afterwards, the material is vacuumed in order to get the essence needed for the making of the mix with an evenly distributed particle that has a perfectly rounded cell structure, and later the material will be frozen in order to break the open cell structure.

The material will be heated soon after, and will be removed from the mold to be cleaned and dried and also will be vulcanized for the finishing process.

Thus, the product with great comfort and best air ventilation is now created.