DAP Care for Flood Victims of Teluk Gong


The social awareness of PT. Duta Abadi Primantara (DAP) for the flood victims at Jakarta's capital, was focused at one point which suffered the most at the area of Teluk Gong, West Jakarta on the 21st of January 2013.

The team from PT. Duta Abadi Primantara came to directly deliver assistance to one of the coordinator at the flood victim post of Teluk Gong, Mr. Also, who was also a victim of the flood lived at Jl. Lele No. 1Rw. 12, Teluk Gong, West Jakarta. "We are very happy and thankful for the help care from PT. DAP in the form of a folding mattress" said Mr. Aldo who was cleaning his things that was caused by the flood at the shelter.

PT. Duta Abadi Primantara's concern was shown by giving flood victim families folding mattress who were in need and among the flood victims were several underprivileged teachers whom teaches nearby schools at Teluk Gong.

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