Participation of King Koil bedding accessories at Midnight Sale at Debenhams Senayan City on mid 2008 was success and satisfying.

Visitors who came to the event fought to buy a lot of King Koil pillows. The pillows were successfully sold and it stated that King Koil was trusted and became a pioneer of bedding accessories in Indonesia.

King Koil gives you proof, not only promises.

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Watching rich people fight for pillows

Date : 22 June 2008, 19:43:55 -0700
Journalist : Agus Hamonangan

To see poor people fight for their basic needs is a common scene in this country. However, watching rich people fought for pillows is a rare sight to be seen. That’s what exactly happened in Debenhams Department Store, Senayan City Jakarta on Thursday night 19 June until Sunday, 22 June.

The pillows that are fought for of course not just simple pillows. Those pillows are special, soft, and comfortable for the heads. And they come from well-known imported brands, from Florence to King Koil.
According to one of the Debenhams sales staff who patiently answered the consumers’ questions and tended their demands, the normal price for the white pillow is IDR 700,000 per piece. However, on the Senayan City Midnight Sale on 19 – 22 June, that pillow was sold for IDR 350,000 per piece.
The soft and machine-washed Lorence pillow, which normal price is IDR 300,000 per piece, was sold for IDR 69,000 per piece on that particular occasion. Consumers rave everytime a staff displayed a new batch of pillows. Consumers, be it men, women, or children, fought and pulled out the pillows from the sack. “It’s King Koil!!,” said a consumer.
They didn’t just buy two pillows, but many also bought up to six pillows. A little girl asked the sales person in Debenhams,” What time will the other pillows arrive? Please hurry,” she said.
Consumers did not only go for pillows or bath sheets, but also shirts and other clothing as well. Women’s clothing, bags, and shoes are also swamped with consumers. Bonia,a bag label, also had its share of profit even though it did not offer many discounted products.
Midnight Sale really brought manyconsumers with Saturday night on 21 June was at its peak. Asia Afrikastreetwas jammed from Hotel Mulia to Plaza Senayan and it took one hour to reach Senayan City from Asia Afrika.
Since Saturday on 9 PM (the sale began from 9 PM until 12 AM), all parking areas in Senayan City are full. Consumers had to find other parking areas outside Senayan City such as in Senayan Trade Center which is on the opposite side of Senayan City, also on the side street of Senayan City, or in Asia Afrikastreet.
Public Relations and Tenant Communications Manager Senayan City Sri AyuNingsih said that the event that was held on last weekend is part of Jakarta Great Sale, in celebration of Jakarta 481st anniversary. Other than Debenhams, other tenants participated as well.
As a matter of fact, Senayan City was not the only one who had a midnight sale event with the discount that reached almost 80%. Other malls such as Mal Taman Anggrek, Mal Pondok Indah, and Plaza Senayan had the same events as well. On average, the number of visitors for those related malls has increased.
Number of visitors for Mal Taman Anggrek on last Sunday also surged. The management had to provide the street on the right side of the mall as additional parking area for motorcycles. However, still Senayan City had the most excitement from other malls.
Chief Operating Officer Senayan City Leigh Reagen has set the sales target for all goods in Senayan City to increase by 50% to 100% and it looks like the target can’t miss far from the estimation. Debenhams in particular has a 50-100% sales increase, while other tenants had 20-30% increase, as explained by Ayu last night.
Indonesians’ passion for shopping has been noted as extraordinary. This midnight sale event actually has a good side in it, for at least rich people in Indonesia don’t have to go to Singapore to shop since Singapore also regularly holds the great sale event. (SOELASTRI SOEKIRNO)


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