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Have you ever felt back pain while working or doing your daily activities? Spinal pain is often overlooked. In fact, as the main pillar of the body, when our backbone is disturbed, the whole body will feel the pain and our productivity will be impaired. It explains that our backbone is a dynamic spinal which support the load from our daily activities. It also protects the organs of our body to remain in right position and function properly.

Therefore, to maintain of overall health of our bodies, we have to take care our spinal health.

Here are some tips to maintain our backbone:

  • Kneel down when you lift something from the floor, do not bend down.
  • In the other way, when you are going to put something heavy into a place above your head, try not to lift it higher than your shoulders. Use a ladder or step on the box to put the thing.
  • Change positions often if you have to stand in a long time.
  • Walk upright, with your head looking forward and your back straight.
  • When you are sitting in the car or driving, sit upright, move the driver's seat forward to get your feet closer to the pedal. Keep your knees aligned with your hips.
  • While sitting in front of the computer or television that usually takes a long time, make sure your thighs parallel to the floor , do not bend your legs too high (your knees higher than your thighs) and avoid your feet dangling off the floor.
  • If you want to take something that was behind or next to you, do not twist your back. Turn your whole body.
  • When you are sleeping, people tend to have a comfort position. However, to keep the spine remains good, make sure your mattress has good support and features for your healthy backbone, not too soft but supportive.

King Koil is the officially sponsor of the Jakarta Marathon 2013. There will be an exclusive massage tent for runners to get free massage services using King Koil mattresses.

King Koil is the only company fully endorsed by ICA (International Chiropractor Association), in which King Koil receives specific reference for its mattress development in accordance with ICA’s criteria which is a mattress that is focusing on the comfort and healthy backbone. With King Koil, ICA has maintained an exclusive partnership that has spanned for more than 40 years. This partnership is focused on improving sleep quality especially for the benefit of the backbone.

Please come to our tent and try King Koil exclusive massage at the Jakarta Marathon 2013.



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