E Coll KK Prominence


The Prominence™, equipped with a variety of comfort and support features for your convenience, is a clear manifestation of King Koil®'s masterpieces.

Equipped with a Euro Top and Firm Comfort Foam to maximize comfort, Prominence™ will fully pamper you in each of your night's rest. The Honeycomb Pocket Spring will also support the body optimally, with each spring to work independently, keeping your spine to stay in its ideal position as you sleep.

Experience an unforgettable night sleep in luxury with the Prominence™ by King Koil®.

Total thickness of Mattress: 32.5 cm
Comfort Level : Medium Firm


E Coll KK Amani


Equipped with Pillow Top layer, Luxurious Knit, and Firm Comfort Foam for extraordinary comfort that will enhance your night's rest. Amani™ provides amazing support with the Honeycomb Pocket Springs, while the Foam Encasement extends  the edge of the bed area, eliminating the sense of slipping off when you are lying on the edge of the mattress.

Trusted by the International Chiropractors Association ( ICA ), every King Koil® mattress gives maximum comfort and optimal support for your spine for your night's rest.

Total thickness of Mattress: 28.5 cm
Comfort Level : Medium