A quality sleep system should have these components, which are Comfort, Support, and has Durability.

Comfort, can be achieved through quality materials exist in foam layers used by mattress for optimal comfort.

Support, mattress support comes from its Innerspring where all mattresses use the New Zoned mattress system.

Durability, the mattress that we use has to be solid and also durable. By using only the quality materials and the right divan, mattresses are both solid and durable.


What kind of mattresses would you like to sleep on?

A quality sleep is not determined by the firmness or the softness of the mattress.
A proper support is what really counts.

A firm mattress can add pressure to our shoulders,thus it also makes the hips to add pressure on the mattress surface. Therefore, it can causespinecurvatureand also discomfort.



A soft mattress is unable to support the lower part of the backbone properly and therefore can also causespinecurvature and discomfort.




Mattresses have their own zonings to support the weight of each different body parts in order to support the body more proportionally. Therefore, the lower part of the backbone is still properly supported and the spine can rest in natural and relaxed position



Sleep on Zoned Mattress System

Zoned Mattress Systemis the ultimate answer for all the sleep desires, be it for health and comfort. The New Zoned Mattress system provides a perfect sleep with a proportional support which distributes evenly to all body parts since 60% of the body weight lies on the middle part of the body, while the other 20% of body weight lies on the lower and upper part of the body.


An evenly distributed support generates a straight sleep position which helps to support the backbone properly. Therefore, this will provide not only a good quality sleep, but perfect comfort as well.


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