Do's and Don't s


  1. Have a night sleep at the same time.
  2. Wake up in the morning at the same time.
  3. Exercise regularly, especially in the morning. It is proven that regular exercise will improves the quality of sleep.
  4. Allowing your bedroom exposed to bright lights, especially in the dusk.
  5. Keep a pleasant temperature in your bedroom.
  6. Keep your bedroom quiet when sleeping.
  7. Keep your bedroom dark enough to facilitate your deep sleep.
  8. Bed is only used for sleeping and making love with wife/husband.
  9. Taking a medication as directed. Take some sleeping pills (if needed) one hour before you go to sleep, it will make you feel drowsiness when lying down, or 10 hours before you are getting out of bed, to prevent drowsiness during the day.
  10. Doing some relaxations just before you go to bed, for example: muscle relaxation, massage, take a bath with warm water or doing a meditation.
  11. Keep your feet and hands stay warm. You can use socks and / or gloves while you sleep if necessary.



  1. Doing some exercise just before you sleep.
  2. Doing activities that evoke the spirit of heresy before sleep, as do a competitive games, watching television or movies, or chat about important issues with your partner.
  3. Eat / drink that contains caffeine at night (coffee, tea, cocoa, soda, etc.), caffeine will stay + / - 12 hours in our bodies.
  4. Reading books or watching television in bed.
  5. Consuming liquor or anything that contain alcohol to aid sleep (if you want to have one, it is recommended to do 4 hours before bedtime).
  6. Go to bed in condition feel hungry or too full.
  7. Taking sleeping pills without any doctor's prescription. Tolerance can occur rapidly within this treatment (drug dose should be increased in order to achieve an effect.)
  8. Taking a nap in the afternoon / evening.


When you are lying in bed but still awake more than 20-30 minutes, you need to get up and move to another room (or another part of the bedroom).  Try to read a book or watching television that will not make you feel enthusiastic.  After that, you can go back to sleep when already feel tired/sleepy. You can do this way as many times as needed.



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