Healthy Life Starts From Healthy Sleep - Everyone needs to feel rejuvenated and revitalized after a night sleep. In order to achieve that, men have been trying to find ways to be able to function optimally all day, just like when they  just wake up int the morning. Hence the stimulants were found, from coffee, cocaine, vitamins, and every other substance expected to be able to rejuvenate and revitalize.

However, there still hasn’t been any substance found that can provide perfect rejuvenation to men. All has only been able to provide temporary rejuvenation, without restoring brain ability nor body revitality.But ever since stimulants have been recognised widely, sleep health has been overlooked and reached its peak when ball lamp was invented.

Human activities which depend on light and dark cycle slowly shifted. Without realizing it, various forms of sleep disorders occur. The concept of health, which in the past only highlighted nutrition and workout balance, has also changed, in line with the emergence of sleep disorders as the result of sleep deprivation. Uncomfortable feeling, slowness in thinking and decreasing immunity system have been the major symptoms of sleep deprivation.

But that’s not all. Modern medical has also recognized sleepiness as serious risk to health and safety. When driving, the manifestation of sleepiness is clearly dangerous.  Safety is threatened as well when a driver is not fully alert and slow in responding emergency situation. Both are caused by sleep deprivation.

Various severe diseases also now are known caused by sleep deprivation, namely hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also stroke, all are affected and even caused by sleep disorder. And sleep disorder does not only mean merely insomnia! There are around 80 sleep disorders in International Classification of Sleep Disorder. The most dangerous one is excessive sleepiness even though a person has adequate sleep duration. This condition is also known by the name hypersomnia.

Triumvirate of Health

The father of sleep medicine William Dement introduced the Triumvirate of Health or three major components of health which are nutrition balance, exercises, and healthy sleep. It is not enough just to focus on nutrition and exercises alone. One of the biggest misconcepts that often occurred is exercising at night. Due to the full activities during daytime, people who are highly health-conscious choose to exercise at night, even though it is actually not in line with human biological rhythm. As a result, they sacrifice their sleep duration as well, not to mention due to the increasing adrenaline caused by exercise, in time it will also complicate sleep process.

Instead of getting healthier, the body is likely to be prone of infections, with increasing blood sugar level, high blood pressure, and an increase in body weight. Yes, sleep deprivation will affect body metabolism that causes weight gain. This is also important when you focus on your children’s health and development.It considers useless for parents if only they focus on nutrition and vitamins intake if they neglect their children’s sleep health. Do you know this? Children immunity system will only work optimally during their sleep!

Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep is not complicated, with a measurable parameter in daily life. When we wake up feeling rejuvenated and fully alert on daytime, it means we already had our healthy sleep. A good sleeping habit guarantees comfortable sleep. Make effort to put regular sleep in your daily habit.By doing that, you already set your own biological sleeping clock. After you get used to it, sleepiness will come by itself during that period.

However, no regular sleeping hours will ruin your sleep patern. Sleeping without preparation will disturb your sleep. Preparation for sleep does not merely consist of being sleepy, however it also includes sleepiness and relaxation. On the other hand, in order to be productive, many people force themselves to keep working until they can’t stand the sleepiness. As a result, they feel exhausted without being able to close their eyes.

For half an hour or fifteen minutes before bedtime, leave all the tasks and activities which tire your eyes and exhaust your mind. Watching tv is one of them. Instead, do happy and calming activities, such as reading, or skin mild treatment. When you start to feel relaxed and sleepy, that would be a good time to go to bed. If one always feels sleepy even though he/she gets enough sleep, this might need more serious treatment. Especially if snoring, hypertension or diabetes are detected as well.

Sleep examination in the laboratory is also necessary since pause of breathing when sleeping is indicated as a danger to heart health and blood vessels. This condition can occur to a person who looks healthy on the outside. You can easily find some examples on how healthy people, even well-known athlete can have cardiovascular disease as a result from snoring.

Healthy lifestyle

It’s concerning to see young active productive people who always leave the bed early in the morning to start their activities. You can tell the characteristics by looking at their weary eyes, and lack of concentration. Although on certain hours of the day they manage to look fresh, however if only they put more concern on their sleep health, they would be much more productive than they are now.Not only they should care more about their sleep health, but their health status as well.

William Dement said that it is easier to assess a person’s health status by observing their sleeping pattern rather than from their eating pattern or exercise routines.More people now suffer from chronic diseases in Indonesia. The cause is mostly from unhealthy lifestyle, particularly from ignoring sleep health. Therefore we should more concern about our sleep health for better Indonesia.



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