“As a fabric enthusiast, I love the beauty that is made with reasonable and appropriate design - through a delicate concept and detail - which produce a perfect end result. This applies also when selecting a good bedding for rest at night after a long day, let alone I had a problem with the spine. The detail of King Koil Mattress design that considers healthy backbone of each individual is my main priority.”


Richard Sam Bera
National Athlete

“To support my activities as an athlete, I entrust my sleep to King Koil mattress that has proven to keep my spine better over the years.”


Rio Haminoto
  President Director Hamdok Shipbuilding,
  Author of Don Joviano, Kionelle, and Catatan Si Boy.

“The success I have achieved can not be separated from the healthy lifestyle that I live every day. Through exercises, consuming healthy foods, no-smoking and no-alcohol lifestyle, and the most important is a regular sleep pattern. Since my college years in United States, I have been using King Koil Mattress and continue to this day as my support for healthy sleep patterns.” 


Reeza Budhisurya
  Entepreuner. Owner of Score! Cork and Screw, Portico, Domain, Liberica, Bluegrass.

“Since I initiated my efforts as an entrepreneur, turned out this work requires a very good stamina. I came home late at night almost every day. I chose King Koil Mattress that supports my daily activities so that I can rest up without worrying about my health”


Dessyriani Fernando

“My family often stayed at Marriott Hotel and Mulia Hotel Jakarta during big holidays or weekend getaways. Obviously these hotels chose King Koil as their standard mattresses. Since then, I always bought King Koil mattresses to get the same experience we get at the hotels - a good quality and comfortable sleep for my beloved family”


Monika Ardianti
  Marketing Manager L’Oreal Paris

 “My work requires a lot of business trip, domestically and internationally. It was fun, but also tiring. I always wanted to get comfortable sleep as in International standard hotels. King Koil undeniably the right choice to give me a good quality and comfortable sleep, just like my experiences with King Koil mattresses at International standard hotels during my trips.”


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